P&WV Era Photos


This page will include images from the P&WV, The Nickel Plate Road, The Western Maryland Railway and our short line connectors The Donora Southern, The Monessen Southwestern Railway, Montour Railroad and Union RR


Archived Images

The Dale Elder Collection Part III

We would like to thank Dale Elder Jr. for presenting us with all the P&WV photos, maps and more so we could scan and share them with all the Hi-Line members. He took the time to collect all these items and allowed us to publish this fine collection on our website.This is just the first of many updates in the Dale Elder collection.

He wrote the following about his father.

Dale K. Elder began his railroad career in 1965 as a Fireman working for the Norfolk and Western Railroad out of Bellevue, Ohio. This was six months after the Nickel Plate Railroad became the Norfolk and Western Railroad. Dale was promoted to Engineer in 1971. Soon after that he was asked to go into the management side as the Road Foreman of Engines in Conneaut, Ohio. 1975 brought another promotion to Trainmaster in Lorain, Ohio. In 1981 he moved to Rook yard in Pittsburgh as Assistant Superintendent. Dale became Assistant Superintendent in Brewster, Ohio in 1985. In 1990 he moved to the position of Superintendent of Bellevue yard and retired in 2000 working for the Norfolk and Southern railroad.


Wrecks - Derailments and Damage

Selected photos of wrecks, derailments and mishaps from Dale Elder Collection. We have more of these type images which we will post in the future.


PWV_Greentree_Wreck_Web.jpg (351kb) Wreck_Smithfield_Ohio.jpg (193kb) Wreck_Smithfield_Ohio_2.jpg (234kb) Wreck_Smithfield_Ohio_3.jpg (238kb) Wreck_Smithfield_Ohio_4.jpg (199kb)
Wreck_Smithfield_Ohio_5.jpg (261kb) Metal_Coils_At_Avella_001_Web.jpg (258kb) Metal_Coils_At_Avella_002_Web.jpg (231kb) Metal_Coils_At_Rook_005_Rook.jpg (263kb) Metal_Coils_At_Rook_004_Web.jpg (232kb)