P&WV Era Photos

This page will include images from the P&WV, The Nickel Plate Road, The Western Maryland Railway and our short line connectors The Donora Southern, The Monessen Southwestern Railway, Montour Railroad and Union RR


Archived Images

WSB PCC&StL Ry Connection West End

More from the Dale Elder Collection. These photos, dated 1902, are images of West End Village, formerly named Temperanceville, in the West End of Pittsburgh during the construction of the West Side Belt Railroad and Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railway connection. We would like to thank Howard Worley for his help with this addition to the Hi-Line. Howard Worley identified these photos and his comments are below the photos. Howard also supplied us with a map of the West End, which we added to this collection of photos.


WSB_West_End_009_Restored_Web.jpg (201kb) WSB_West_End_001_Restored_Web.jpg (186kb) WSB_West_End_002_Restored_Web.jpg (236kb) WSB_West_End_003_Restored_Web.jpg (205kb) WSB_West_End_004_Restored_Web.jpg (211kb)
WSB_West_End_005_Restored_Web.jpg (230kb) WSB_West_End_006_Restored_Web.jpg (259kb) WSB_West_End_007_Restored_Web.jpg (217kb) WSB_West_End_008_Restored_Web.jpg (177kb) Map