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P&WV Rib And U-Channel 50 and 55 Ton Hoppers

The very early P&WV hopper cars can trace their heritage back to these WPT and WSB hoppers. (244kb) Starting in 1939 some Rib Hoppers and many rebuilt U Channel cars began to receive the new company logo. (86kb) The railroads hopper fleet was constantly being rebuilt.  Many of these channel side hoppers returned to the shop numerous times before being finally retired.  The rebuilding/repair work was done in the Rook shops on an
Glassport, PA.  Nov. 1, 1952.  The HiLine Collection  (62kb) Binghampton, NY  Date unkown.  Chuck Yunkirth Collection. (106kb) Re-shopped 55 ton channel car.  Black car with white reporting marks.  1955, Zanesville, Ohio.  Paul P. Dunn Collection (1,228kb) Re-shopped channel hopper, Apr, 1961.  Black car, white lettering with yellow trim on the stirrups and grab irons.  Paul P. Dunn Collection. (193kb)
Duquesne Coke and Coal Co. Aurora Mine Tipple at Avella, Pa.  Note the two P&WV battleship grey hoppers on the left.  The reporting marks, stirrups and grab irons were chrome yellow.  Avella Community Center Collection. (195kb) Nice shot showing the rachet brake mechanism.  Lots of wear and tear on these hoppers.  Check out the interesting car number.  Longview Shops Collection.   (217kb) Nice end view of another U Channel hopper with different style brake design.   Longview Shops Collection. (188kb)