September 2005 Historic Update

Gon Crazy

Part 2 of the P&WV Freight Car Series


PWVGon5299_P427Web.jpg (423kb) AC&F builder photo.  5/26  700 of these gondolas were on the roster in 1932. Gloss black car with white lettering.   A few of these lasted into the N&W era.   (142kb) P&WV 8745 11-29-41 Williamsville NY.  Built by Amer. Car & Foundry 1926. JWBrauner photo.  Richard Hendrickson collection. (170kb) PWVGon7048BWweb.jpg (204kb) PWVGon8062_P427Web.jpg (528kb)
The P&WV had 300 of these on the roster in 1950.  Gloss black car, white lettering.  Some had yellow grab irons and stirrups. (139kb) PWVGon7684_2Web.jpg (125kb) PWVGon7770Web.jpg (509kb) PWVGon7353Web.jpg (100kb) Baltimore Maryland Jun 6, 1953.  Black car white lettering.  Howard W. Ameling Collection (219kb)
A nice shot of the logo that appear on the 52' gons.  (375kb) Builder photos.  100 of these cars were received in 1957.  Forty of these came factory equipped for coil loading with hoods and racks. (212kb) Builders photos.  End views 7278 gon. (266kb) Baltimore Md. Nov. 25, 1965.  Gon 7237.  Howard W. Ameling Collection. (187kb) PWVGon7276Web.jpg (243kb)
Inside car view of shock absorber on ends of coil cars. (352kb) PWVGon7500Web.jpg (269kb) PWVGon7283Web.jpg (373kb) Brewster, Ohio.  P&WV 7227.  One of the cars to receive the adjustable racks to hold 12 small containers.  Pictured here in 1965 these car lasted into the N&W days.  J. Williams Collection (287kb)